Rwanda Travel Advice

Rwanda Travel Advice. What to Know Before Safaris Tour to Rwanda. What to consider before visiting Rwanda for safari.

Best Time to Visit Rwanda – Rwanda Travel Advice

Situated just beneath the equator in the African Great Lakes region, Rwanda has two dry seasons and two wet seasons. You’ll find that the Best Time to Visit Rwanda is during the length of the dry seasons, from June to September. October then brings a short rainy season, followed by a short dry season from December to February. The long rainy season runs from March to May. Rwanda is a destination for all seasons, so it is the best way to start the Rwanda Safaris tour as well.

Rwanda Visa

All citizens of the United Kingdom holding full UK passports will require a visa to enter Rwanda. Travellers can apply electronically for a visa or a regular visa via the Rwandan High Commission in London. Previously Rwandan ports of entry, i.e. the Entebbe International Airport and a few land border checkpoints, allowed Visa on Arrival. More About Rwanda Visa.

Rwanda Tribe – Rwanda Travel Advice

Tribes In Rwanda: Located in the Great Rift Valley, Rwanda lies at the heart of the great lakes region of East Africa. Entirely found in the southern hemisphere with little distance from the Equator, Rwanda has two wet and dry seasons in a year. The country has a population of 12.9 million people occupying 26,338 square kilometres of land making it the most densely populated mainland county in Africa.

Rwanda Visa Cost

Rwanda Visa Fee amounts to USD 50.00. This price is subject to change at any point as the Rwandan government may change these costs at any time. The money paid for the visa fee does not include service fees levied by the Rwandan government, the cost of postage, processing, etc.

Rwanda Food – Rwanda Travel Advice

The cuisine of Rwanda is simple yet unique with the typical Rwandan diet consisting of sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, millet, and fruit. Many Rwandans don’t eat meat more than a few times a month. Those people who live near lakes also incorporate fish into their diets, particularly tilapia. In more urban areas like Kigali, various cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian, and other African-styled restaurants are available.

Things To Do in Rwanda Safaris Tour

With its varied ecosystems and abundance of wildlife and national parks, Rwanda offers many activities unique to the country and region such as tracking gorillas, camping near a beautiful lake, and trying the local cuisine. Here are 11 unique things tourists can see and do while visiting Rwanda.

  • Hike volcanoes.
  • Gorilla tracking.
  • Coffee washing stations.
  • Eat big fish.
  • Camp on Lake Burera.