Murchison Falls National Park. Places for Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park is a prominent national park in Uganda, known for its breathtaking waterfall, abundant wildlife, and diverse ecosystems. Murchison Falls Park is a remarkable destination that showcases the natural beauty and wildlife diversity of Uganda. From the stunning waterfall to thrilling wildlife encounters, the park offers an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Location of Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls Park is situated in northwestern Uganda, approximately 300 kilometres (186 miles) northwest of Kampala, the capital city. It is bisected by the Victoria Nile, and its centrepiece is the majestic Murchison Falls, where the river narrows and plunges through a narrow gorge.

Murchison Falls

The park derives its name from the Murchison Falls, a magnificent waterfall created as the Nile River squeezes through a narrow 7-meter (23-foot) gorge before dropping about 43 meters (141 feet). This natural wonder is a major attraction and can be viewed from various vantage points.

Wildlife Adventures in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Visitors have the opportunity to spot the “Big Five” game animals, including elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, and rhinos (both black and white rhinos are found in the park). Other animals that can be encountered include giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, chimpanzees, and various monkey species.

Boat Safaris

Exploring the park by boat is a popular activity. Boat safaris along the Victoria Nile offer a unique opportunity to observe wildlife, including crocodiles, hippos, and numerous bird species. The boat ride also provides stunning views of the riverbanks, lush vegetation, and wildlife habitats.

Budongo Forest

Part of Murchison Falls Park includes the Budongo Forest, one of the largest and most significant natural forests in Uganda. The forest is known for its extensive population of chimpanzees and other primate species. Visitors can engage in chimpanzee tracking and trekking experiences to observe these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Murchison Falls Park offers an exceptional way to experience the wildlife and landscapes from above. Hot air balloon safaris provide a unique perspective, allowing visitors to float above the park and witness the animals and the Nile River in a serene and breathtaking setting.

Accessibility to Murchison Falls National Park

The park can be accessed by road or air. By road, it takes approximately 4-5 hours to drive from Kampala to Murchison Falls Park. The nearest airstrip is located at Pakuba, which accommodates chartered flights.


The park offers various accommodation options, including lodges, tented camps, and campsites. Visitors can choose from a range of accommodations that suit their preferences and budgets, both within and outside the park.

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